Monday, 26 September 2011

What is there to see while London Sightseeing?

There are so many things to see while on your london sightseeing adventure! The list includes the London Eye, The Tate Modern, London Dungeons, Hosues of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral and so much more! Visitors from all over the world come to visit london and for all sorts of reasons so there is a guarantee that there will be a great london tour for you!
So where do you start?We would always recommend starting with a bit of research online, what are your interests? For example I am a massive cricket fan so I would want to go and see the home of cricket... Lords! This is located in London and is one of my main items for wanting to do any london sightseeing tour! You can get tours during the off season and wonder around the changing rooms and even touch the grass!

How do I get around? If you really want to see London like a true Londoner then the best way to get around is by tube! I wouldnt bother doing it until after 9:30AM thought, that way its cheaper and also less commuters! You dont want your tour experience to include standing under a sweaty mans arm! Unless you like that sort of thing?! You can also get hop on hop off london bus tour tickets and these allow you to see a lot of london with a great audio guide!

Can I get a train to Stonehenge?

A question that is heard a lot in many online travel companies is can I get a train to Stonehenge? Unfortunately, it is not that easy to get to Stonehenge and we would also recommend an organised day trip from London.

The nearest train station to Stonehenge is Salisbury about 9.5 miles away and then you would need to take a bus or a taxi to Stonehenge and then once there you need to pay entrance fees to get in to see the Stones. Therefore when ever travel agents get this question their common response is no this is not an efficient option.

So what can you do?
Well thankfully for the time conscious traveller, there are a lot of london to stonehenge tours that take place through many different providers. These tours will pick you up from your London Hotel and take you direct to Stonehenge and also other destinations such as Windsor, Bath and Oxford and you will also have a guide and all your entrance fees are generally included. This is one of the most time and cost efficient methods for seeing Stonehenge and is definately what most online travel agents recommend and book. There are quite a few variations of stonehenge tours out there so there is always something to suit your taste and budget.

Fantastic Day Trips to London

One of the most common questions seen online and by agents across the world for people travelling to England is what are the best day trips from London that they can join? Well we have the answer for you? It does depends greatly upon you the individual and then how mych time you are spending in the UK and what your budget permits. It can also depend on the type of person you are... do you like being shown the sights or do you want to do it yourself! Whatever type of person you are there ara a wide variety of amazing day trips from london that will suit you.
So what are the most fantastic Day Trips from London?
The most popular trips from london that we have seen get you to see a very different side of the UK. So many people just stay in London and dont get to see what spectacular areas there are outside. So our fantastic recommendation would be a london to stonehenge tour - thats right, you get picked up from your central London hotel around 8:00am and then taken in a luxury coach to see Stonehenge (a wonderous sight) along with may other great areas such as Windsor, Bath and/or Oxford. All this for under £70 including transport, entrance fees and a professional and experienced guide! You really cannot go wrong and all this to be back in London by 7:30PM in time for dinner!
So what else do you need to know?
To be honest there isnt much else, you will be well looked after by the professional and experienced guides on offer to you and dropped back at your hotel or as nearby as possible traffic permitting. Millions of visitors use this method of seeing the UK and there are many other great london day trips for you on offer so just get out there researching.