Friday, 23 March 2012

Great review of Paris Trip from London

We just received a great review from a company GT Supplies who sent their work colleages on a day out with us! They took a Paris Trips from London and with an escorted guide got to see this most fabulous of cities. Their review we have posted below:

"Just wanted to write a sincere thank you from GT Supplies for the wonderful tour you put on for us, all our work colleagues loved the day out and Eric the guide was fabulous in looking after everyone!" 

Its great to get such nice emails and reviews from companies and reminds us that what we are doing does matter and that people really need to remain the centre of our business. We will continue to improve our business for our customers, as it is guaranteed that if we do that we will infact be a profitable and happy business!

So if you feel the need to want to send us your feedback on things we are doing well in, or things we could improve then please dont hesitate! We hope you all get to enjoy the fabulous London to Paris day trip that these guys did! Alternatively dont forget that we offer lots of other Discount London Tours!