Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Its cold in London... what shall we do?

When it is cold and wet in London, one of the greatest things people can do is to get on and get out of the smoky city of London, there is so much to witness in the rest of the UK and it doesn’t matter if it is raining! What a lot of visitors will then choose to do is to experience a a small amount of of the many popular sightseeing tours from London and out and about across the UK with businesses such as Sightseeing Tours London who offer knowledgeable guides and luxury coaches.

One of the most admired tours is, London to Stonehenge and Bath Tour this is a wonderful option for visitors to the UK for the first time as it allows you the tourist to saunter around and take in the wonderful and ancient stones of Stonehenge - it is fascinating that these stones have been strongly standing in their situation for over 5000 years and will carry on to do so... envisage the different meteorological conditions they have seen, I think we would all be quite battered after standing out in the UK conditions for that long! And then after 45 minutes at Stonehenge, tourists can head over to the magnificent and trendy city of Bath and see the old Roman Baths (maybe even take a swim) and wonder the streets of Bath while popping into a pub on the route for an English pint! Bath really is fabulous and there are a small amount of other cities that has its architecture, it is simply magnificent to gaze at and the bars, parks and restaurants will often mean a lot of visitors will actually not want to find their way back from Bath to London, but as a substitute they will actually stay on in Bath for an added night as it really is somewhere you will want to stay for that small piece longer.

So whatever you make your mind up to do while visiting the city of London when the driving rain and wind are striking you hard, make sure you head away of the city on one of the many tours presented and see some of the other fantastic places on offer to you. There are a immense deal of choices of sightseeing tours on offer to you including places such as Warwick, Paris and Edinburgh from firms such as Sightseeing Tours London and many more, they include the likes of Evan Evans, Premium Tours and Golden Tours to name but a few.

London Eye Tickets Discount

If you are planning a trip to London and you are not planning to try a trip on the London Eye then you are very naughty! The London Eye is one of London’s premier attractions, every day thousand of people take London Sightseeing Tours but many of them do not see London from a completely new perspective… a birds eye view!
If you contact Sightseeing Tours London they offer you some great prices on London Eye Tickets and you should really take them up on the offers, they offer fast track tickets so you don’t have to queue and the tickets are discounted too so you would be a fool to miss out on this great opportunity. You can take night time flights or day time flights, and they even do Valentines Day specials which involve champagne! The London Eye is London’s leading tourist attraction for a reason and you should try it out!
So why not try one of the London Tours by coach during the day and then later in the afternoon hop on the London Eye and try a pick out the great places you saw that day and see them from a slightly different angle! It really will be worth it!